Support costs saved with proactive monitoring and remote diagnosis

Once any of your devices crash, the expenses of lost files, lost business opportunities, and disgruntled customers can quickly add up. At Mallen Services, we see these crash indicators from afar and fix them long before they happen. We are a fundamental IT solution company that seeks to improve the simplicity of your business and the cost-effectiveness of remotely diagnosing. We fix problems remotely and efficiently without having to visit the site. We relieve you of the burden and expense of having to travel to the construction site or leave the convenience of your office. We have seasoned experts and technicians who will assess your company’s IT, network, and security systems holistically.



Mallen Services has a realistic solution for your organization that includes everything from business analysis, to establishing needs, project management, solution development, installation, and continuing support. Our service providers unveils the complexity; from managing your IT, saving you money on major operating expenses, saving you time on hiring and training IT resources, and providing you peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that your system is in good hands.

When compared to on-site monitoring, remote monitoring is more cost-effective. It’s also low-stress and convenient. Your IT problems are resolved at the speed of light.

Our process below shows the value in remotely diagnosing faults first.

This modern method of remote network and IT security monitoring has resulted in increased productivity in various organizations, resulting in cost savings and increased staff efficiency and productivity. It is a technique that distinguishes our business from all others.

Proactive Device Monitoring

Mallen Services can monitor all network devices onsite, inclusing PC’s network infrastructure, servers, CCTV cameras, alarm systems, etc.

We often know when there is a problem before our clients do.