Combined Security & IT Services.


Complete Turnkey Technology Support.

Complete Integrated Solutions

By combining all technology systems into one managed service we can reduce costs, increase system stability, and increase productivity.

Remote Support Priority

SECURE remote support saves both cost and time. Remote diagnosis often leads to issue resolution without a site visit. Historical data is used to diagnose future issue.

CIO/CSO On-Demand

With the word moving towards remote work conditions, more businesses are embracing new technologies designed to unshackle from hardware and improve workplace efficiency beyond even office bound works.

Mallen Services can provide on-demand services that usually would be performed by the internal Chief Information or Chief Security Officers. We work with our clients to ensure they are not only taking advantage of the most cost effective services available, but the services are being used correctly by co-creating workflows with our clients.

We also work with our clients to ensure data integrity and physical security best practices are implemented and followed.

Contract Free

We believe it is our responsibility to keep our clients happy, rather than bind them to substandard services through contracts. We prefer Service Level Agreement to track client satisfaction.

Proactive Device Monitoring

Monitoring the all fixed assets, including servers, switches, cameras, recorders, and network infrasture ensures an operational and reliable environment.