Keep your business moving forward with Mallen Services, providing a comprehensive range of managed services for your IT needs, including design, supply, programming, support, and monitoring solutions tailored to suit your needs and budget.


With a client-focused approach, we take the time to understand you and your business, designing and implementing systems that meet your needs today and provide the scalability to grow with you into the future.


Everything we do is documented in detail and supported with transparent service level agreements, ensuring that you always know where you stand, no confusion just honest, robust service to support your business in achieving any goal.


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Integrated Solutions

With IT integral to your operations, getting right is part of your success, and essential if you are to achieve your business goals. As a managed service provider, we can combine all your IT systems into a single solution, saving costs while improving reliability and boosting productivity throughout your business.

Our tailored approach takes care of everything for you, a robust MSP solution that provides the support your team needs and lets you focus on growing the business.

We are brand agnostic too, selecting the right products to provide the services you need within an affordable budget, no more overpaying for things you simply do not require.

IT, Security, and Communication integrated systems diagram

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Technical Triage Services

Business success is built on strong relationships, and you may already have an existing Managed Service Provider who has always supported you. But if they are struggling to keep up with your technology needs, you do need to make a change.

Mallen Services will gladly work with your existing provider, making sure you can keep the relationships that took so much work to create, while still enjoying the benefits of the latest technology and the opportunities it brings for your business.

Our support system will seamlessly integrate into your existing solution, with our expert team taking those initial queries, and only passing on tickets to your existing provider if we are unable to solve the issue remotely. This improves performance without disrupting systems your team is already familiar with, offering benefits without drawbacks.

Specialist Systems

The team at Mallen Services has extensive experience in all aspects of technology solutions, but we have specialized skills in the launch and completion of complex IT projects. This allows flexibility for installation, with a choice from our own extensive database of high-quality installers or your own preferred solution ensuring that you always receive the best service possible from our MSP solutions for security, CCTV, Alarm systems, and more.

We work closely with other specialist system providers to deliver the successful project you deserve, maximizing communication performance and IT integrity.


Delivering exceptional support solutions, Mallen Services delivers high-quality remote-first support that saves you time and money. By resolving issues without visiting the site wherever possible, we streamline support, delivering faster solutions and improved efficiency.


Where the Mallen Services remote support team is not able to solve the issue, our diagnosis is documented, and a technician is dispatched within the Mallen Services Service Level Agreement we offer our clients.

Mallen Services Remote-first service diagram

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Managed Service Provider

As an experienced managed Service provider, Mallen Services can offer the full range of IT support solutions for your business. Taking care of the entire IT provision workflow, including supply, implementation, and remote management of your IT hardware and software systems, we provide a turnkey approach to IT that saves you time, reduces costs, and delivers the performance your business needs to stay competitive.

Our standard Remote Monitoring and Management package includes everything your team needs to stay productive, including remote assistance, antivirus, Microsoft licensing, and fault monitoring.

managed service provider

Want to Know more about our services?

Audit & Document

We often come across sites that lack any sort of documentation, with no device layouts, no device lists, and not even login credentials. This can have a knock-on effect and regularly indicates a disorganized system service, or even worse, an inability to move away from a poorly performing service provider.

We believe that every client deserves more, and the Mallen Services team specializes in providing significant improvement in service levels by auditing and documenting your site, quickly and accurately.

Audit and document to improve service quality
Mallen Services device monitoring diagram

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Device Monitoring

Alarms are at the heart of your security provision, but no matter how advanced the technology, without effective monitoring your systems will never deliver at the level you need. Effective alarm monitoring quickly identifies urgent events such as intrusions or system failures, however, at Mallen Services, we take things further.

Our alarm monitoring solutions cover all devices because we understand that there is no such thing as a minor incursion. Designed to meet each unique situation, our alarm monitoring systems can oversee anything with an IP address. Our solutions are so comprehensive, that we often know of a fault before you do, and at times we have diagnosed and resolved faults before the client felt any impact from the problem.

CTO On-Demand

A chief technology officer (CTO) is the executive in charge of an organization’s technological needs. With this world rapidly moving to a new remote agile workforce, this role is becoming ever more important in organizations of all sizes, however not all businesses can afford, or even need, a dedicated CTO.

Mallen Services can help your business fill that gap on-demand when required with a highly experienced professional who brings extensive insight and industry knowledge to any decision. Through this convenient, cost effective service, Mallen Services can assist in the design, consulting, supply, security, and support for your IT systems.


Chief Technology Officer diagram

Contract Free

All Mallen Services are month-to-month. We don’t believe in locking in our clients to fixed term agreements. Our clients stay with us because they know that outstanding service is at the core of our business model.

Instead, we offer a Mallen Services Service Level Agreement designed for client satisfaction.

No contracts, only service level agreement gaurantee

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